Postgraduate Studies

Agribusiness Management MBA

Company management in accordance with the standards applicable on the Polish market






It is a postgraduate study programme addressed specifically, but not only, to those managers who have already been professionally engaged in the food and pasture products market as well as the general agricultural industry and forest management.

This highly-profiled course allows the students not only to acquire specialist knowledge related to modern-day management methods in the agri-food sector, as passed on by our top-class experts, but it also allows to develop skills related to logistics, processing of pasture and food products (of plant and animal origin), legal requirements, international norms and standards that ensure product quality and safety at all stages of the supply chain from the agricultural foetus to the finished product.

Knowledge in the field of forest and environment management is necessary to perform any kind of plantation management activities regardless whether they are of ecological or commercial character.

The students will acquire the necessary knowledge in the field of economics when it comes to managing an organization operating within the agricultural industry.

The studies do also broadly discuss the topic of obtaining different forms of financing from external and internal sources.

The study programme of Agribusiness Management MBA provides a unique opportunity to expand our students’ knowledge in the field of running an undertaking in the wider agri-food industry.

Our lecturers are experts directly related by their work to the food and pasture products market. These include auditors, specialists from different food certification bodies, veterinary inspectors as well as representatives of the top management in enterprises directly related to the agri-food industry.

The graduates of Agribusiness Management MBA study programme will acquire the following rights and competences:

  • Eligibility to become members of supervisory boards of companies with the shareholding of the State Treasury (Article 19 paragraph 1 item 1 letter c of the Act of 16 December 2016 – On the principles of managing State’s Property (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1182);
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Agribusiness Management – this MBA diploma is the evidence of possessing agricultural qualifications referred to in Article 6 clause 2 points 2 letter c of the Act of 11 April 2003 On the formation of the agricultural system (as amended).
  • Our postgraduate studies are conducted in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of 17 January 2012 On agricultural qualifications held by persons engaged in agricultural activities and the Act of 20 July 2018 – Law on Higher Education and Science.

Optional competences:

  • Internal auditor of the food and pasture industry according to the IFS and GMP+ standards
  • Auditor and representative of ISO2200 and HACCP
  • HACCP team manager



Lectures and practical exercises

on Saturdays and Sundays (in the centre of Warsaw)

Prestigious lecturers

Classes conducted by leading Polish specialists, practitioners, legal advisers as well as auditors from the field of food and pasture products industry

Personal contact with the lecturers

Classes conducted in small groups (max. 30 people) ensure wider discussion opportunities with the lecturers as well as individual conversations and consultations

Clear and factual transfer of knowledge

Transfer of difficult legal and technical knowledge in a clear, and a matter-of-fact manner

A practical approach

As part of the classes, especially during exercises and workshops, our students will learn about the practical aspects of ensuring the safety and quality of food and pasture products along the entire supply chain

Specialist approach

The study programmes includes a number of classes on the specifics of the agribusiness industry, including audit, controlling, Supply Chain Management, quality assurance systems

Get to know us better

Our wide knowledge, skills and experience allow us to teach in an excellent and professional manner.

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